Devin Sunshine – Bloom


Bloom is a new EP from Devin Sunshine, a singer/songwriter based in Orange County, CA. The songs on this release are refreshingly creative. In addition to writing, recording and producing her own music, Devin truly has her own unique sound. Her brash and conversational delivery style gives the songs a slam poetry performance quality. Occasionally when rapping against the light, synth driven back beat her voice takes on a more hypnotic and mesmerizing tone. Frankly I’m kind of amazed by how advanced these songs are. They are unconventionally structured and grab you on another level psychically.


My favorite track on this release is Selfish and Blue Pt.2 (Like Flowers) which is minimalist but pretty and sentimental. The title track Bloom also has some potential as a single for the way the intensity in Devin’s voice builds poetically throughout, almost as it really is emualting the process of a flower blooming. This is really an artful album does a fine job of avoiding the trappings of common hip hop cliches and hype. Devin sticks to what’s real: poetry, emotion and music.

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