When The Sunrise Comes (featuring Jethro Alonestar Sheeran)

Readers may notice that we already reviewed Stephen Rubinosky’s new single, When the Sunrise Comes a few weeks ago. However, there is another version, set to be released Oct 11, on all platforms. This one is notable in that it features famous hip hop singer/songwriter Jethro Sheeran, who performs on the track. The incorporation of Jethro’s rhymes into the mix gives the song more of an urban pop feel. An expert at fusing pop and hip hop, Jethro’s presence adds a new dimension to the song and elevates it overall. Sheeran clearly has the light pop/hip hop formula figured out. The song is bright and beautiful on its own, but when Jethro’s rapping kicks in it just seems to spice things up a bit and hit you with some unexpected flavor. His folkish verses maintain a tender yet upbeat tone as they touch upon subjects like loss and yearning. Musically, these two artists seem to be on a similar wavelength and their distinctive sounds merge well with one another. It would be cool to see some more collaborations involving these guys in the future.