Clover 10585 – Normal


Normal is a new track from UK based hip hop artist, “Clover 10585.” His delivery blends well with the piano driven beat to create a theatrical, almost orchestral listening experience. The song is actually incredible, both from an avant garde and technical standpoint. Clover’s tone and speed both keep pace with the music as it builds and heightens in intensity throughout. You can sense very early on that he has a really high skill level and is very meticulous in his delivery. Normal is very professionally put together and musically it has a dramatic flair. I could see this song being used on a film soundtrack. It has one of the better beats I’ve heard on a hip hop song, and Clover 10585 makes the most of it, demonstrating excellent artistic vision and taking this jam exactly where it needs to go. I recommend checking out the rest of this artist’s EP, Sector 29.

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