Speaker Child – High on Wheels

Speaker Child_1

High on Wheels is a new full length album from Seattle based hip hop artist, Speaker Child. The songs are surprisingly melodic, recapturing some of the musical magic of 90s west coast hip hop. Speaker Child’s mellow and laid back delivery is enjoyable to listen to, and he never loses his cool or sounds like he’s trying to prove something. Making use of a plethora of guest artists (both male and female) there’s a ton of variety on here, but it all keeps with the same vibe.

There’s just so much musical substance here, and the production cleverly incorporates “answering machine” style messages into certain jams, amplifying the retro feel of these recordings. The track Halfpipe Party is also filled with skateboarding references. People still skateboard of course, but the association between 90’s hip hop and skateboarding culture is iconic and will be recognizable to any 90s teenager. It’s this kind of attention to detail that makes this album authetically phenomenal. Speaker Child achieves everything he sets out to do with this album. Polished and professional, High on Wheels is an instant classic.

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