Los Angeles Artist Wil Key is Traveling Around the World to Record an Album

Amsterdam Session
Artists Wil Key and Romy Dya in Amsterdam

Globetrotter:Side B is an upcoming album from Los Angeles based soul artist, Wil Key. What’s notable about this project is that it’s being recorded all around the world. Just imagine the film Around the World in 80 Days but in this case it’s an artist recording an album in mumerous different countries with dozens of other artists. It’s not even the first time Wil Key has taken on such a monumental project. This is a follow up to Side A, which came out in 2018 and was recorded in 11 different countries. Globetrotter:Side B is set to feature well known artists like Ellene Masri, Romy Dya and many more. Each and every song will be recorded in a different country (United Kingdom, France, Germany, Australia, Belgium, Africa and Japan just to name a few.) One has to admire Wil for having tenacity to orchestrate and follow through with this epic artistic undertaking (and for the second time at that.) Stay tuned for more info on this work in progress, and we’ll be anxious to get our hands on the album and review it when it comes out.