West of Corey – Course of Things to Come

West of Corey cover (1)

Course of Things to Come is a new single from the Minnesota based trio, “West of Corey.” The sound is an organic blend of acoustic, blues and rock, with hints of psychedelia. Production wise, the recording gives off a warm analog vibe and has a vaguely avant garde 1960s quality to it. With a mix that’s fairly minimalist, the song sparkles and surprises with some enchanting effects. Skillful vocalist Janine Taft’s charismatic voice drives the action against a deeply melodic guitar backdrop. Janine belts out the lyrics with a passion and power reminiscent of the some of the more iconic folk/blues/lounge singers. Exotic guitar riffs and a haunting, Jefferson Airplane style backbeat round things off nicely. Course of Things to Come is a quietly professional masterpiece, positioned neatly under the radar.

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