Shawna Roxanne – Lies


Lies is a new single from Pittsburgh based R&B vocalist, Shawna Roxanne. She’s a veteran musician with a lengthy resume of live performances and a number of past releases under her belt. This latest jam features a futuristic and surreal backbeat. Melodic and minimal, the music allows Shawna’s vocals to take center stage where they flow in sync with the irregular yet playfully hypnotic beat. There’s some light vocal processing but not enough to detract from the artist’s dynamic and beautiful natural tone. As the song kicks in, the catchy chorus and danceable rhythm make this peppy track ideal to groove to. There’s an unexpected rapping interlude midway through the song (Gallo Locknez,) adding another dimension to keep things fresh. Despite the subject matter, which deals with dishonesty in relationships, the musical vibe is positively upbeat and energetic, as the aesthetic cover artwork suggests. Shawna definitely delivers the goods with this single. It’s professional and hits all of its target marks, musically and emotionally.

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