Alex Kyle – I’ll Be Your Lighthouse


I’ll Be Your Lighthouse is a new release from award winning UK songwriter, Alex Kyle. This passionately performed adult contemporary jam features dreamy, theatrical reverb and stellar vocals. The mellow and minimalist intro slowly builds until the song kicks into full orchestral rock opera. The power will surprise you. Dynamic and melodically complex, I’ll Be Your Lighthouse is simply a dazzling recording. Alex’s voice brims with emotion as he belts out the lyrics like there’s no tomorrow. Accentuated by 12 string guitar goodness and enveloped in symphonic ambiance, the vocals are just awesome. The mix is well balanced and has a clean professional sound. This track is better than almost anything played on the radio in 2019. I don’t normally like to write such a glowing review, but honestly just listen to this song for yourself, and you’ll see. For the full effect I recommend watching the accompanying avant garde video. There’s some real talent here.

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