FHEDESH – Goth God


Goth God is an ambitious new single from goth trap artist, FHEDESH (which I believe is supposed to be pronounced like “fetish.” This horrifyingly majestic jam is actually quite beautiful. The hypnotic intro gives way to a low key, goth opera and later treats the listener to some ambient piano. A delightful surprise, the piano arrival pulls everything together and allows us to realize the artist’s vision. I’ll admit I never heard of “goth trap” before and wondered just what in the world (or netherworld) kind of new spin on dance music could possibly exist. Once you listen though, you will get it. Darkly orchestral beats with a hint of demonry combine with a piano recital of the undead, courtesy of our maestro, FHEDESH. This song really does have goth vibes, not in the angsty 90s “mall goth” way, but as in like actually gothic. Soon to be playing at a cathedral near you. I recommend checking out the video for this song for the full experience. It delivers the goods visually and fits well with the music. Also, it’s worth noting that FHDESH owns a downtown Los Angeles “vampire” club called Drac’Haus where you can see him perform live.

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