Blacc Cuzz – Wadd Up Doe


Wadd Up Doe is a new single from Pittsburgh hip hop artist Blacc Cuzz. This pimp tight jam has the official World Star Hip Hop stamp of approval, so you know it’s legit. The video for this song is larger than life and makes a point of showcasing a rather impressive Mercedes Benz, which must have cost a pretty penny.

Production is very good, pretty much at the level of a major label. With an intriguing backstory and probably a lot more street cred than the average up and coming rapper, Blacc is the real deal. The vibe is a mix of old school substance and contemporary musical innovation. The song combines elements of hip hop, trap and EDM, all centered around Blacc Cuzz’s conversational and reflective delivery. He excels at storytelling and lyrically comes across as motivational and aiming to inspire. In that sense Wadd Up Doe is upbeat and always leans in a positive direction. The artist has a charismatic presence, and the video for this song is already approaching 200k views, (despite being out less than a month). I could see this guy making some real waves nationally.

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