Andres Javier – Whistleblower


Whistleblower is a new single from Puerto Rican artist/producer (based in New York) Andres Javier. It’s a pretty straightforward anti-Trump hip hop jam. If you’re a Trump hater you’ll love it and if you’re a Trump supporter you’ll probably hate it. It doesn’t pull any punches. However, it stands on its own musically. Production quality and performance are top tier. Andres has a solid delivery and consistent flow. The track isn’t an amateur endeavor. Javier’s classical training is evident on the recording, as the songwriting structure and framework envelop the vocals nicely in the mix. Lyrically, the artist makes the case clearly and in relative detail for why he wants Trump out. This song definitely gets its point across and has the power to get people amped up for the election one way or the other. The accompanying music video utilizes a montage of Trump tweets, photographs and headlines, which are synced up with the track. There are a lot of them packed into the video to go with this tune (which has a runtime of just under 4 minutes). The best part of this song is the eerie synth bridge which comes around 3/4 of the way through, which gave me a chuckle as it was visually matched to Trump’s expression as though he were making the sounds. Whistleblower is available on Spotify.

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