Prime Sinister – Prelude to Patient Zero


23 year old London based hip hop artist “Prime Sinister” has released a number of singles as a prelude to his new album, Patient Zero. For those not familiar with Prime Sinister, he’s crafted his own unique rhyme style that he refers to as “syllabism,” which involves lyrical intraconnection and symmetry. You only need to listen briefly to his songs to recognize the geometric-like design and framework of the words. Clearly there’s a lot more thought that goes into these jams than the average rapper. This isn’t just spoken word, stream of consciousness style rhyme games or freestyle.

In one of his newly released tracks, Midnight, Prime demonstrates tight and meticulous delivery against a hypnotic, metropolitan oriented, synth backbeat. His crisp enunciation blends effortlessly with the backing music, giving the song a razor sharp edge, tempered only by the tracks’s deep, late-nite ambiance. Production on this jam is credited to Harvey Gunn, who manages to do a superb job bringing out the ambient elements in the mix.

Prime Time is actually my favorite single of the three I listened to. It features a warm, analog record “crackle” sound and a eerily intense, piano driven beat. It’s almost like horror movie music in an old castle scene. I highly recommend the animated video that accompanies this song. There’s a retro quality to it that brings to mind animated vignettes and promos from 1980s era HBO and Nickelodeon. The aesthetic definitely activates the nostalgia, albeit in a dark way. Prime Sinister’s vocals on here are in top form and are presented with crystal clarity courtesy of producer “Muckaniks.”

Out For Me is another high quality release and more on the avant garde side. With retro 70’s synths and a psychedelic beat, this track could serve as an excellent meditation device. Just sit back, enjoy the kaleidoscopic show and delve into your deepest dreams. Once again, the production is professional (credited to Baileys Brown). I’d say it’s basically major label quality production but with more substance and artistic value than what major labels actually put out these days. Prime Sinister is clearly a serious artist and one of the few rappers who actually lives up to the hype surrounding his releases.

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