MIKEY aka Mike Will*I*Am


Based in Houston, Texas, MIKEY is a prolific indie hip hop artist with a plethora of releases and an assortment of obscure jams. His tracks often feature a low-key mellow vibe and organic sound. At times it’s almost like if you mixed acoustic rock with hip hop. Even the more traditional sounding hip hop songs utilize artistically distinct vocal effects. Mike Will*I*Am’s soft spoken delivery dives deep into emotion and sentimentality. This guy has certainly carved out a unique and impressive niche. His presentation may be less flashy and egocentric than most hip hop artists, but when it comes to the actual music, MIKEY does deliver. What he lacks in press releases and self promotion, he makes up for in talent. These songs are really quite good and have cross genre appeal. One could just as easily imagine this music being played in cozy little coffee houses as they could at backyard kickbacks with the crew. There’s a lot of potential here and some real passion fueling these tunes.

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