FadetheBlackk – Successful (ft. b*star and James Scott)


Successful(Prod by: The Cratez) is a new single from hip hop artist FadetheBlackk. There’s a lot more to this musically than one expects from a typical indie hip hop song. As opposed to merely shouting or talking, FadetheBlackk actually makes an effort to sing his rhymes and does a pretty fine job at it, making this track feel like a smooth and melodic ride. The backbeat has a colorful dreamlike quality which complements FadetheBlackk’s lyrical sincerity and idealism nicely. Successful is ultimately a motivational track imploring people to overcome personal setbacks and continue to strive for their goals. The message emphasizes the value of love. Production on this track is very robust. The beat was well selected. It’s memorable and provides an excellent framework here. The overall mix has a very full sound and doesn’t lose any of the musicality to processing. I recommend you check out some of FadetheBlackk’s other jams as well. He’s on the right track


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