Flame Of Life – Red Sunset


Red Sunset is a new full-length album from Belarus based band, Flame of Life. When I say “full-length” I actually mean epic, as this release contains a whopping 25 tracks, the equivalent of 5 EPs! The band has pioneered their own micro genre of music they refer to as “lazer,” which combines elements of industrial, punk-rock and nu-metal. You get the idea with songs like Accumulator and Violet Native. There’s an avant garde, experimental punk style lyrical delivery with the pacing more along the lines of what we would see from bands like Korn. The backing music is largely synth driven, reminiscent of New Order but with a hint of industrial/metal. Race is one of my favorite tracks on this release, with its catchy intro and unpredictable sound transitions, like switching back and forth between worlds ina video game. Red Sunset would make the perfect soundtrack for a long, meditative late night drive into no man’s land. The listening experience is surreal, and these guys definitely have their own distinct sound. Even on just a cost per track basis, you definitely get your money’s worth.

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