DopeAMean – Dope-WRLD


Dope-WRLD is a new album from hip hop artist DopeAMean (also featuring Juice WRLD and Ghost Kid). With song titles like Walmart and Rest Yo Neck you can’t go wrong. DopeAMean’s deep, commanding vocal presence and deadpan delivery make these jams a smooth listen. The lyrics are surprisingly catchy and deep, with DopeAMean demonstrating a willingness to reflect on his mental state and those of others. He also throws out some anecdotes anout his life. While some tracks are mellow and contemplative, others such as the opening number, Fuck Is U On are hoppin’ party jams. The lyrics are tight with the beat, even when he’s improvising. This guy really knows how to rap and craft songs effectively. The backing beats on this album are often dark and synth driven, giving the tracks a low-key intensity, with some sampling here and there to flavor things up. Fuck Is U On is probably my favorite jam. It has a killer intro that left me with a great first impression, and the crisp delivery just flows very nicely. DopeAMean isn’t overly flashy with how he presents himself, but he definitely has talent. The guest artists on this release rounds things off nicely, adding another stylistic dimension and providing the listener with some vocal variety.


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