LUNA13 – Toxic Black


Prolific “black metal/bass music” outfit LUNA13 is back with a video for their new release, Toxic Black. It differs from some of their previous work aesthetically in that it utilizes animation rather than demonic comstume/horror live action performance. The animation is top notch, practically Pixar quality (but a little bit cuter.) The imagery and colors combine visual elements of goth, emo, halloween and casual demonry, with some pagan vibes thrown in for good measure. Doomsday lyrics demonstrate hypnotic horrorism, laying things out plainly with lines like “Your God will not save us.” The “guitar” sounds are particularly intense and foreboding. Although, as it turns out this band actually doesn’t use any stringed instruments, and that sound is created by creatively wrapping sub bass in distortion. Musically I’ve already grown accustomed to this band’s professionalism. Their releases are a cut above the kind of “basement metal” bands I grew up listening to. LUNA13 has perfected their own sound and niche, but still show a willingness to experiment with presentation.

Toxic Black effectlively conveys a sense of impeding doom throughout. However, it accomplishes its apocalypticism not with nukes and 99 Red Balloons style super high tech jet fighters but with the forces of the natural world itself coming together in a perfect storm to consume us: trees, wolves, black widow spiders, mystery birds. The backdrop, even when kaleidoscopically colorful remains ever bleak. The hoplessness of resisting is continuously driven home to weaken our morale. And yet, it’s all so enjoyable. Like the scene where the tree comes alive in Poltergeist, you can’t look away! I hope this group can continue to crank out releases at this impressive pace.

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