MC Tempo – Generation Distortion


Generation Distortion is a new single from hip hop artist, MC Tempo. The sound is distinctive, combining elements of church worship music and hip hop. The backing music almost has a vintage James Bond quality, evident on tracks like Troubled Youth The lyrics often have a traditional hip hop delivery, while peppered with a Christian message of salvation. There are a lot of experimental processing and effects on the vocals, which moderately transforms them into a separate instrument that blends with the beat. Frequent usage of echo and delay gives the album a dreamlike ambiance. My favorite song on here is the opening track, because of the incredible backing music, which gave a wonderful first impression. All the tracks on here are pretty good though in that regard. Apparently MC Tempo has released at least 7 albums and has quite a bit of experience performing and freestyling. There’s not much in the way of flash or hype or hip hop cliches in his presentation. The sincerity and down to earth persona he puts forward is a breath of fresh air.

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