Nuell Martin – Ice


Ice is a new EP from artist Nuell Martin. The synth driven sound on these recordings contains elements of retrofuturism and has a warm analog quality. The best way to describe this music is that it reminds me of synth oriented soundtracks of scifi films like The Thing, Saturn 3 and Logan’s Run. The songs are professional and connoisseurs of electronic music and vintage synthesizers will instantly recognize that this guy has great taste. The tracks range from haunting to ethereal in ambiance, though Hyperborea is a little more action packed and high octane than the other songs, rounding things off nicely. The album captures the cold, emptiness of space, a man alone with his thoughs out in far flung regions of the universe, yet Ice also presents the quiet and reflective beauty, a sense of excitement and awe that supercedes the loneliness. This is powerful stuff here. When it comes to instrumental synth, it doesn’t get any better than this. The album really deserves to be a film soundtrack, but I don’t even know if they make movies worthy of something like this anymore.

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