Gemtarra – Fire Me Up


Fire Me Up is a new single from Philadelphia based band, Gemtarra. This song absolutely rocks. The sound is best described as female performed alternative rock/pop, with a peppy pace. Stylewise it’s vaguely reminiscent of 80s and 90s girl rock and new wave bands (think Kim Wilde’s Kids in America). The guitars have that warm, rock’n’roll tone that really hits the sweet spot, but the stellar vocals really elevate this track to the next level. No autotune. No BS, just catchy hooks and a melodic voice that rivals the best of them in the genre. Fire Me Up is a winner, and this band is brimming with talent. Gemtarra (which got its name by creatively combining two Italian words, ‘Gemilli’ which means twins and ‘Chitarra’ which refers to guitar) is clearly going places.

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