Deep Purple Sage – Sundance Jump with W. Dire Wolff


Deep Purple Sage is a recent holiday release from Sundance Jump with W. Dire Wolff. Recorded in Joshua Tree, California at Skylab Studio, the album combines elements of Psychedelic rock and alternative. Suffice to say that this sort of thing is right up my alley. The songs have a very late 60s/early 70s sound, with guitar tones on par with iconic groups like The Raspberries and Iron Butterfly. The vocals have that great, classic American rock’n’roll vibe, with an assertive, slightly angsty swagger and far out chamber reverb. The production so authentically captures the psychedelic acid sound that if you heard this on the radio, you would actually think it came out in the 1960s. The lyrics are poetic but also contain surprisingly complex narratives, with tracks like Johnny’s Too Young almost qualifying as audiobook short stories.

This comprehensive full length album features 11 songs, and every one of them has that warm analog tone that audiophiles crave. Deep Purple Sage is an impressive work of art and achieves a level of quality that stands the test of time. There’s a great combination of musical talent, technical execution and meticulous artistic vision. If you’re a fan of classic psychedelic rock/folk, 90’s indie or even just straight up American rock of any kind, you absolutely will enjoy this album.


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