MobBeatz – Love Now, Cry Later


Love Now, Cry Later is a new EP from Turkish born/New York based artist and producer, MobBeatz. The release is modestly referred to as an EP, but at 8 songs it’s practically a full length album, and you definitely get your money’s worth of content. You wouldn’t necessarily expect romantic jams from an artist called “MobBeatz” but sure enough, some of these tracks showcase a surprisingly sentimental and tender side. Often, songs begin with a mellow, acoustic style intro and you begin to wonder if MobBeatz is going to bust into some sort of coffee house indie folk jam. However, then the beat kicks in and we’re treated to some lively, high octane hip hop as the song switches gears. Sometimes the vocals have a lot of processing, which transforms them into the equivalent of a bonus synth instrument, while other times the effects are lessened and we essentially get MobBeatz rapping in something closer to his au naturel voice. He does have some delivery skills and demonstrates versatility in his presentation throughout the album. He oscillates between confident assertiveness and heartbroken despair, and the emotional changes are manifested both musically and through the artist’s demeanor. I’m not even sure if he’s consciously trying to achieve this, but either way he has great instincts and a feel for how things should go.

One thing I will also mention is that this guy has a unique songwriting style. The backing music is more creative than what I’ve come to expect with indie hip hop, and he makes bold creativee choices by incorporating instruments (whether simulated or not) and tones not typically utilized in this genre. I especially like all the intros of the songs. Each is distinct, and they all really leave a good impression as they pull you in. The beats are also pretty crisp and overall the mix is fairly high quality, with all the levels being where they need to be. I’m not generally a fan of a lot of effects and processing, but this is now standard in most hip hop productions and MobBeatz employs the effects creatively to enhance the song, rather than cover things up. My favorite track on this album is probably Medicine, which features an ethereal ’80s synthpop intro and a minimalist beat. It’s also one of the catchier tunes on here. MobBeatz has a good thing going here.

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