Emerald Suspension – Eruptions


Eruptions is a new EP from Minnestor centered group, Emerald Suspension. While it incorporates a number of genres and subgenres, the best way to describe this is “experimental DIY music.” Initially, I assumed it was going to be simply indie experimental electronic style music that’s darkly futuristic and utilizes mechanical sounds. However, there’s a lot more going on here. The songs make use of “guitar, percussion, vocals, samples, noise, effects and DIY instruments.” At times it almost reminds me of one those halloween sound effect cassettes they used to sell when I was a kid. I can’t even detect all the instuments used here. The opening jam, Level Ground is out of this world. It’s like if Donald Duck was reading a spoken word poem against a backdrop of a 90s indie horror movie soundtrack.

So basically this release is weird, but it’s weird in the best ways possible. Unlike so much “experimental” music, these recordings truly stand out as being creative and memorably interesting. Another track, Eruption sounds like what I would imagine a struggling air conditioning system to sound like on a desolate spaceship. This is where the industrial influences creep in, but in a minimalist, avant garde fashion rather than the pulsepounding, big production style of bands like Orgy and Nine Inch Nails. All of the songs are very distinct. Just when you think you’ve got these guys pinned down musically, they throw you an unexpected curve ball. No two tracks are alike. The bizarre and unpredictably psychedelic General Random is probably my favorite jam on here, though I couldn’t really tell you why (it’s just a vibe.) Be sure and stick around for the last song, Your Eurorack, which nothing I would write here could prepare you for.

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