Saralyn More – The Lookout


The Lookout is a new release from hip hop artist, Saralyn More. Production quality on both the song and the video is very good (Rodzilla is credited as the video director). You can tell from her delivery and demeanor that Saralyn is not playing around. Her tone is brimming with confidence, and her performance lives up to it. The tone is crisp and clear, and she demonstrates an attention commanding presence. This track is very well mixed and the charismatic vocals are kept nicely in the forefront. There is no autotune or excessive processing to dilute the powerful diction of this woman’s voice. This jam isn’t for the faint of heart, but is geared for those who are getting ready to handle business. The Lookout makes a bold statement musically. Visually it’s very professionally shot, with scenery and symbolism getting the message across loud and clear. Regardless of gender, The Lookout sets a high standard for indie hip hop production.

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