Philly Blocks – Days of Our Lives (Prod. By C freshco)

days of lives cover

Days of Our Lives is a new single from Kentucky based artist, Philly Blocks (aka “The Team 563 Boss”). Though he was born in Louisville, he uses the moniker “Philly” because he was heavily influenced by east coast rappers and often spent a great deal of time in Philadelphia with relatives who lived there.

The song chronicles the thrills, trials and tribulations of Louisville life. Production quality on this track is excellent. There’s great clarity in the mix and sonically the whole thing is just very pleasing. Philly’s vocals are at the forefront and his updeat delivery drives the action. He has a powerful stage presence which you can feel through the recording. This guy absolutely knows how to write a catchy rap song. His lyrics are both serious and entertaining, peppering memorable pop culture references here and there (Hulk Hogan gets a mention!) The backing music features light synths, occasionally intensified for dramatic effect, with occasional backing vocals adding an air of mystery to the ambiance. Days of Our Lives is a solid hip hop jam.


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