UNBREAKABLE is a new full length album from artist, Dejhare (pronounce deɪ-Jhar). The release blends a variety of musical styles and is difficult to classify in terms of genre but could best be described as avant garde, professional pop. The tone ranges from upbeat and danceable to quiet and sentimental. While many tracks feature a peppy, optimistic ambiance, others are more delicate and express a sincere longing. Dejhare is an incredible singer. Her voice is so impressive it could stand alone even without any backing music at all. Really just a flawless vocal performance throughout the entire album. There’s plenty of creativity on display musically, with a ton of variety in these songs. No two tracks sound the same. The synths are often dreamy and ethereal, reflective of the artist’s hopeful outlook and persona. My personal favorite track is What is Love. It has a catchy, sparkling beat and all the ingredients of a hit in the making. The Best We Have Now is another memorable number and contains a first rate chorus. I can’t think of anything to constructively criticize about this album. It’s just excellent and very well put together.

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