Stereosight – I’ll Pray For You


I’ll Pray For You is a brand new single from the indie band Stereosight. It literally just came out a few days ago. The band’s style has often been descibed as “cinematic.” In fact this jam does have a very theatrical feel to it and would fit well on any contemporary, avant garde film soundtrack. The sound is classy and atmospheric, while the ambiance is brimming with emotional energy. Expressive vocals and softly dramatic synths drive much of the action. The song maintains a moderate pacing throughout. While the lyrics touch upon some delicate subjects= matter, the tone is uplifting and never overwhelms the listener with excessive intensity. The vocals are powerfully and passionately delivered but sit neatly blended into the mix, not too far out front. I’ll Pray For You is a great example of next generation indie rock, which combines elements of emo, alternative, rock and synthpop, but in the end manages to carve out its own distinct and professional manifestation. This song is artistic enough for the indie crowd but musically accessible to mainstream audiences.


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