Mark Henes – Arm Full Of Roses


Arm Full Of Roses is a new single from Nashville based singer/songwriter, Mark Henes. This minimalist, 21st century Americana jam keeps its presentation simple, but that doesn’t make it any less musically fulfilling. The mix offers such clarity and detail, that you can enjoy every sound (no matter how subtle) emanating from the guitar. Likewise with the vocals, which are emotive and articulate. Of course, this kind of ultra magnified performance doesn’t leave room to conceal weaknesses in the mix or drown out weaker elements. Fortunately, the performance here is stellar, so there’s nothing to hide. The guitar tones are incredible, containing that delightfully chime-filled charm, and Mark is an expressive and capable vocalist. Sonically, this recording a high end audiophile’s dream, while artistically Arm Full Of Roses easily qualifies as a mini-masterpiece.

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