Ro$ewood Renegade – Knockin


Knockin is a new single from Austin born hip hop artist, Ro$ewood Renegade. My first impression of this track is that it has an incredible, retro-futuristic synth driven backbeat, featuring all sorts of radical “chiptune” bleeps and bloops. In fact, the backing music could stand on its own as a worthy electronic music piece. Ro$ewood Renegade’s delivery is fast paced and on point. One thing he does really well is utilize strategic, well-timed pauses in between his snappy rhyme segments, expertly engaging in a hip hop game of “red light green light.” It’s tough to even point out all the ways in which this song is good. I really like the music, and Ro$ewood Renegade delivers and presents like an old pro, with fresh, clear vocals and a natural charisma. Supposedly his father is a street legend in Austin and several other family members have substantial musical backgrounds. Perhaps that’s where the talent stems from, but one thing is certain, this jam definitely lives up to the family name.

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