Kolby Knickerbocker – Alright with Me


Alright with Me is a new single from folk singer, Kolby Knickerbocker. What’s extraordinary about this particular release is that the recording of the vocals and guitar were recorded live. It’s just one single, full take. Anyone who has recorded music before knows what a difficult achievement that is. This is especially impressive as the song is rather minimalist, so you can hear every delicate detail of the acoustic guitar sound. It’s not as if everything is processed and buried in some distorted mix. Kolby’s vocals are also clear as a bell, and his performance would earn him a rightful round of applause at any cozy little forest venue. Alright with Me is sentimental, inspired by his daughter, who gives Kolby him strength and purpose in life. Even in its calm tenderness, the song is uplifting and filled with emotional spirit. Kolby Knickerbocker has the technical skills and the heart to be successful in the crowded contemporary folk music scene.

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