Nyke Ness – Respect the Game


Respect the Game is a new single from Maryland based (and part time DC) hip hop artist, Nyke Ness. With all the market-tested, choreographed and manufactured hip hop tracks out there today, it’s refreshing to see a guy who is still down to freestyle and demonstrate some musical spontaneity. The song opens with a Denzel Washington sample quote from the film, Fences, a solid, attention grabbing intro. With a smooth transition, Respect the Game kicks into high gear. Nyke doesn’t waste any time. He gets right into it and delves into a quick witted, continuous flow. The backing music alternates between dramatic synths with a thumping beat and periods of minimal, quaint ambiance, featuring occasional breaks where only Nyke’s vocals can be heard. It’s a very effective mix, and I found myself pleasantly surprised by some of the unpredictable changes in the music. For his part, Nyke Ness never lets up. He rhymes skillfully, with passion and keeps it creative throughout. This is definitely a performance which commands respect.

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