Ramalla – The Voice of The Stillness


The Voice of The Stillness is a debut album from Ramalla, an artist based in Boulder, CO. It’s a serious album which will affect people on a visceral level. A cancer survivor, Ramalla (known also as Catherine Corona) takes musical inspiration from her experiences and her sixth sense awareness with respect to her health condition. Broadly speaking, the songs are meditative and surreal. Ramalla is truly a gifted singer. She performs at a very high level, and her voice is extremely soothing to listen to. Ramalla demonstrates a lot of poise in these recordings, which are emotionally moving, even while the music itself is fairly minimalist. Production quality is solid. It almost feels as though you’re listening to a big budget film score. Yes, it’s really that high quality. The Voice of The Stillness flows with sentimental strength.

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