Take1 – On Ya Mark


On Ya Mark is a new single from hip hop artist, Take1, and appears on the rapper’s debut solo project, Calculated Chances. What’s impressive about this track is that it’s more comprehensive musically than the typical contemporary rap song. Rather than just a standard beat, the vocals are backed by a full and melodically groovin’ jam. Take1 also manages to sing his lyrics instead of just blurting them out like amateur poetry open mic night. His delightfully funky delivery is reminiscent of many of the iconic hip hop artists of the late 80s and early 90s. This, combined with his charismatic “life of the party” personality induces you to sing along with the plethora of lyrical catch phrases and often repeated lines. The vocal pacing is quick and on point, contrasting nicely with the chill and atmospheric ambiance of the backing music. On Ya Mark is sleek and stylish, perfect music for a smooth, late night drive in a slick ride.

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