Trevah – Memories


Memories is a new single from Trevah, an up and coming hip hop artist who was originally born in Windhoek, Namibia. Having grown up in Ontario and spent time in Toronto, Trevah began rapping when he was just 8 years old. His other primary interest was basketball. “I used to be like Kobe in high school,” he says, looking back on his playing days. As far as his musical pursuits, He made his first beats and started recording at the age of 13. “I got my mom to buy some equipment and then I started recording real heavy, in my room, when I was like 16. I was just playin’ with it.” His first mixtape The Road to Glory was released in 2017 and racked up over 100,000 streams on Soundcloud. Trevah’s unique sound was influenced by his formative experiences in Toronto at a young age. “My first time out of town – when I was like 12 or 13 – was Toronto. So that was like when first Drake came out, Lil Wayne was doing his thing, all the those rappers was on something I kinda attached myself to that in middle school.” Trevah claims that he gets a lot of attention because of his unique style; “A lot of people say I got my own sound. I ain’t never really got no comparisons. When people hear my music, they be like, ‘He got his own lil sound.’”

His new single Memories speaks for itself. You can tell he really has spent a lot of time fine tuning his recording skills, because the mix is crisp and clear, and the sonic qualities are just very pleasing to the ear. He’s not afraid to put his voice out front, and his delivery is solid enough to carry the song. The track is enhanced by strategically placed backing vocals and a synth driven back beat. Memories is a surprisingly moving and sentimental song, lyrically blending elements of nostalgia, family, love and ambition. Quietly powerful, this jam is professionally put together and hovering just under the radar, ready to be found.

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