Junior Love – Can’t Stop


Can’t Stop is a new single from Junior Love, a pop singer/songwriter and poet based in Monroe, LA. This smooth boppin’ jam has a warm analog quality and features lively vocals. Groovy guitars and a relaxed beat provide the backdrop for Junior’s emotionally expressive voice. You can feel the vivacious energy in this song, which Junior casually describes as “your body’s very own chemical reaction to the feeling of love,” clarifying that often times it isn’t really love but “infatuation,” and “a state of limerence.” Whatever the vibe, Junior lays it all out there, as this song is filled with melodic passion. Musically, it has a very carefree 90’s feel to it. Similarly, his other release Do Ya (not to be confused with Outkast’s Hey Ya) is described as a “90’s inspired garage house track.” It has that subtle tape hiss/noise, which accentuates the retro ambiance. The light and funky backing music and casual atmosphere combine with Junior’s dynamic vocals which bounce around like a cool superball. This is a fun tune that isn’t shy about showing a little sincere affection. Both of these tracks are a prelude to his upcming concept album, 10 Hours to Mexico.

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