5 Reasons to Listen to “Please Save The Space Bees”


In case you’re not yet acquainted with Please Save The Space Bees, here’s some brief background info from the artists themselves:

Scott Wood has been in the broadcasting industry for years in Vancouver, Canada. After interviewing countless bands and artists, networking with professionals he decided to use his attained skills and expertise in the field pursue his vision of creating a podcast.

It’s an entertainment sci-fi drama punctuated with subtle commentary on modern issues; “Implants” of several characters are a fusion of the newness-obsolete smartphone technology and Elon Musk’s Neuro-link, soul capturing Ghost-in-the-Shell metaphysics, threat of GMO monoculturing entire planets, cloning ethics & the hyper elite vs political effectiveness rebellion naming a few.

Initially, I had thought this might be some kind of environmental activist podcast dedicated to raising awareness to our declining bee population and the effect its having on our ecosystem. This isn’t that kind of show at all (but someone out there should start such a podcast if they haven’t already). Having said that, Please Save The Space Bees is actually fantastic, and here are a few reasons you should check it out:

1. It’s an actual series. Unlike 95% of current podcasts, Please Save The Space Bees does not consist of people sitting around pontificating about current events. The best way to describe it is that it’s like a 21st century, futuristic audiobook, reminiscent of classic sci-fi radio programs like War of the Worlds. The plots are accessible and easy to get into into, even without being familiar with much of the backstory.

2. It’s action packed. Not a single second is wasted. Nonstop quick witted conversational dialogue hits you from start to finish. The editing style is punchy and to the point. Brimming with subtle humor and occasional sarcasm, this show is never boring and will hold the interest of even those with micro attention spans. The social commentary isn’t heavy handed, but it’s there if you listen for it. There are plenty of “spaced-out” sound effects to level up the ambiance as well.

3. The production quality is very high. This isn’t just some dudes blabbling away into an old Radio Shack omnidirectional microphone (not that there is anything wrong with that) and pots and pans sound effects. Audio and production are pretty much at the level of what you’d expect from something from big budget Adult Swim shows like Aqua Teen Hunger Force. I have no idea what it is costing these people to produce Please Save The Space Bees, but they are getting their money’s worth and then some. Excellent audio clarity, mixing and editing all around.

4. It’s epic. There are apparently 15 people involved in this project, as one might suspect from hearing the myriad of different voices on the show (male and female.) It’s almost unheard of for that many people to be dedicated to an indie audio production like this.

5. It’s free. As far as I can tell, this podcast is available for anyone to listen to on multiple streaming platforms, with no paywall. I listened to a couple of episodes with no issues. It’s actually kind of surprising, because clearly a lot of work and effort has gone into these productions, from some highly talented people. Episodes are available in explicit versions (which include mild profanity etc) and clean versions (for the kiddies!).

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