Red Dyemond – Ignorance is Bliss


Ignorance Is Bliss is a new single from hip hop artist, Red Dyemond. This hot and fiery jam combines sentimental, spoken word poetry with hard hitting hip hop. The soft, avant garde intro (featuring an exquisite piano backing) sharply escalates as the song kicks into high gear. Red’s delivery alternates between sincere reflection and passionate intensity. Ignorance is Bliss is effectively motivational as Red charismatically instructs people to wise up and take some responsibility for their life choices. Her vocal presence is commanding, she definitely demonstrates some rhyming skills. There are parts of the track where she really gets on a roll, maintaining tight timing even while going at an impressive pace. Ultimately, Ignorance is Bliss calls on people to take control of their own destiny. Listeners will find Red Dyemond’s persuasive tone and choice of words quite convincing.

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