WESS MUSIQ – Playin With the Hustle (feat. Boosie Badazz)


Playin With the Hustle is a new single from Florida based hip hop artist WESS MUSIQ. The song also features iconic rapper, Boosie Badazz. A theatrical musical backing with symphonic vibes gives the track a heightened intensity, while the artists maintain a cool and calculated delivery style. As the title indicates, the song mostly relates to the rappers’ committment to handlin biz, and the lyrics are conveyed in a professional, yet lively fashion. Playin With the Hustle is engaging and high energy. Even though the pacing is relatively moderate, the intensity on this bad boy is dialed up. Both production and performance are high quality. Musically, Playin With the Hustle affords audiences the opportunity to listen to a couple of true contemporary hip hop professionals at work.

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Twitter:Wess Musiq