AMEL D – Pride of Sacrifice


Pride of Sacrifice is a new single from Indonesian born artist, AMEL D (co-written with Matthew Adkins). Blending elements of alternative, punk and rock’n’roll, this song is powerful and rocks pretty hard. AMEL D’s vocals are passionate as she belts out the lyrics at full throttle without missing a beat. This track features some excellent, professional guitar playing. The groovin’ melodic interludes (around the 2 minute mark) are particularly impressive. There’s also a bit of sentimental piano mixed in to give the music a bit of an “adult contemporary” vibe. Production quality is surprisingly top notch for an indie jam. Actually sounds more like a major label release. The mix is very bright and uplifting, and AMEL D’s emotional performance expresses vulnerability while capturing the spirit of perseverance. Pride of Sacrifice is a good song for anyone who really needs to communicate their feelings and get some things off their chest in a big way.

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