Wayz – Machine


Machine is a new album from hip hop artist, Wayz. The title is interesting because the musical backing at times takes on a mechanical, almost industrial synth rock sound. Other parts have more of a computerized, minimalist synth vibe. The album is very futuristic in tone, and sonically it is unlike most contemporary hip hop releases. On a deeper level though, the album’s message is how about we as people have become programmed to act like machines, caught up in our little routines which we do without thinking. Wayz delivers lyrics at a modest pace but with a larger than life, commanding vocal presence. His voice has a rough, bellowing lumberjack texture to it, and he sings with a life-of-the-party energy. Machine also features really impressive synth intros across the board, reminiscent of sci-fi film soundtracks both in ambiance and style. With 11 tracks, this album is full and satisfying on many levels.

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