Slaw Raw – Now or Never Mixtape


Now or Never is a new mixtape from Chicago-based hip hop artist, Slaw Raw. This release is jam packed with over 40 minutes of musical content, which is mostly synth driven but in actuality combines elements from a wide variety of different genres (R&B, Rock, Trap etc). The synths have a symphonically eerie quality to them, creating an ambiance not unlike a Castlevania boss battle. I have to say this mixtape would be worth listening to even for just the backing music alone. It’s melodic and just very phonetically pleasing to the ear. For his part, Slaw Raw has a unique delivery style. His laid back vocals carry the music, his voice almost taking on a sleepy drawl at times, while still somehow managing to sound charismatic and lively. It’s a recognizably chicago sound, but Slaw Raw’s personal style is still distinctive through his creative experimentations with delivery. The best example is probably the track, Rock and Roller, which is weirdly catchy and absolutely awesome, all owing to Slaw’s lyrical positioning. Overall, this mixtape is a lot more artistically creative than meets the eye. In fact, Now or Never is overflowing with personality and is an indie hip hop treasure.

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