Dar.Ra – Whisky n Honey EP


Whisky n Honey is a new EP from Irish rock solo artist, Dar.Ra. A prolific artist with a number of successful rock anthems under his belt, his latest effort incorporates elements of EDM, resulting in a fresh and unique experimental sound. It’s like if you combined rock vocals with futuristic EDM synths, guitars and drums, while mostly maintaining a hard rock’n’roll pacing. He refers to this pioneering new style as Rock Step. It’s retro-futuristic in nature and reminds me vaguely of the music you’d hear in late 80’s science fiction films set in the future. Of course, we’re in the future now, and Dar.Ra is out here fulfilling musical prophecies and making visions reality. He’s really a solid singer, too. They don’t make too many rock vocalists who can perform at this caliber anymore.

His track Whisky N Honey is a late night bar crawler with deep and reflective vibes, while The Lights is an epic and ethereal introspection which utilizes a light/dark contrast metaphor as part of a desperate plea to a loved one. Both songs have a very dramatic and theatrical ambiance, which reverberates all the way so the stars. If you’re not listening to them while dancing at a club, I would recommend cranking these tunes at full blast with the windows down on a midnight drive through the desert in the middle of nowhere. This EP is powerful stuff.

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