The Real J.O. – J.O. Vs Lil Auto


J.O. Vs Lil Auto is a new mixtape from hip hop artist, The Real J.O. This comprehensive release contains 13 full tracks, and nearly 30 minutes of music. What’s interesting about this mixtape is that it isn’t just a bunch of fun-filled party jams. Some of the songs are sentimental and even romantic. Overall there’s a lot of lyrical depth and emotion on this album, which is kind of refreshing and adds a bit of humanity to the songs. There’s extensive variety though, and some songs like To the Bank are downright pumpin’. The beats are often hypnotic and dreamlike, and the lyrical delivery has a very conversational flow. There’s a voyeuristic quality to this mixtape, as often times you feel like you are eavesdropping on a couple of dudes having a personal convo. J.O. Vs Lil Auto a very creative release and jam packed with rich content.

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