Stephen Rubinosky (ft Maggie Schneider) – u don’t want me back


u don’t want me back is a new single from Pittsburgh-based singer/songwriter Stephen Rubinosky. The song features well-known Atlanta artist, Maggie Schneider (who recently released the single, Mixed Signals). Rubinosky’s music is influeced by contemporary icons like Ed Sheeran and Alec Benjamin. He has even performed outside for fans while following the tours of Sheeran and other artists like Shawn Mendes. In addition to a tour with tour with Drake Bell, Rubinosky also has a number of (music performance related) Jerry Springer and MTV appearances under his belt.

This latest single reinforces that Stephen has really mastered this adult contemporary/pop genre. He has cracked the formula and at this point can probably crank out top quality songs like this at will. The sound is delightfully bright and clean, giving it an intimate and personal quality. It’s just very magnified, and you can really hear the detail in the recording. A duet was a wise creative choice, as Maggie balances the dynamic and adds another dimension, making this song more than just a guy singing about a broken heart. The layering and interplay contributes some extra complexity to the song structure. The vocals are well choreographed and blend nicely together. Overall, this is just a very professional release from two serious artists who know what they’re doing.

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