Deluca – Over It


Over It is a new single from Deluca, a 22 year old artist based in New York. This Deep House, EDM jam is rich in its musical complexity. Ranging from ambient and ethereal to pulsepoundingly exhilarating, this dynamic track dazzles and mesmerizes from start to finish. There are quite a few transitions, and the beat alternates throughout, sometimes unpredictably. There’s practically an entire album’s worth of sound variety packed into this one 3 minute song. The portions where the beat really kicks in offer up supreme danceability. Production is very clean and professional, with the mix juggling a complicated blend of elements quite well. The song combines surreal and futuristic synths with tight beats to create a sound that’s slick and powerful but never overbearing or pretentious. In that sense, it’s very true to the EDM spirit. Over It is an impressive release all around. It’s becoming increaingly difficult for artists to stand out in this crowded genre, but as far as music goes, you really can’t ask for much better than this.

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