Kevin Watts – Defect


Defect is a new EP from San diego based hip hop artist, Kevin Watts. One thing that immediately stands out about this release is the quality of the beats. The backing music is top tier, which each track featuring a high end piano or synth intro that really pulls you in. Each track is musically distinctive, while Watts’ delivery remains consistent throughout, holding the recordings together into a cohesive work. Kevin displays some solid ability as a rapper, blending emotion and energy with a good sense of timing. The pacing ranges from moderate to quick and overall is probably faster than most contemporary hip hop. My favorite track on the album is Process, which incorporates a vintage sound sample recording dealing with the subject of “anxiety.” The song has some delightfully eerie synths, and Watts’s performance on this jam is particularly impressive. The album is a respectable entry in the hip hop genre but is further elevated by the excellent backing music.

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