Swing Dee Diablo – Black Light


Black Light is a new single from Michigan based hip hop artist, Swing Dee Diablo. The song appears on Swing Dee Diablo’s latest album, Skullator 2020. Combining elements of horrorcore and hip hop, this track has a casually dark vibe. Maintaining a mellow pace throughout, the song is driven by a fresh and full sounding beat and hauntingly witty lyrics. It’s hard to go wrong with gems like “let’s get to the point, that shit’ll never happen like winnin’ Super Bows in Detroit”). Swing Dee Diablo has a classic, old school delivery style, blended with a horror aesthetic. This is one of those jams you’ll find yourself wanting to sing along with. I’s just very catchy. The lyrics emit a ray of demonic doom, aimed at an unnamed recepient. Lurking, just below the surface though is a subtle, biting humor that will give listeners a healthy chuckle as the inferno rages toward them.


Swing Dee Diablo – Black Light
Written By Darren J Smith
Produced By Bad Mind
Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Tre L.B.
at Rock Hill Studios/Metro 37 Recording
in Rochester, Michigan.

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