Vincent Krennerich – Gedanke


Gedanke is a new EP from a 21 year old, Germany based pianist and composer, Vincent Krennerich. This soft and delightfully haunting release quietly mesmerizes with its atmospheric ambiance. Minimalist, piano driven melodies convey delicate emotions that straddle the fine line between blissful tranquility and rainy afternoon blues. These approachable recordings are brimming with class, yet do not contain any pretentious undertones. The songs have a cinematic quality to them, as though you’re listening to a contemplative, dramatic sequence in an avant garde film soundtrack. The final piece, Das Tal has particularly climactic and evocative moments. Gedanke is very reflective in nature, and whether or not one interprets the music as somber or uplifiting can be dependent on the individual listener’s mood at the time. From a technical standpoint, the music is very well done. The mix allows us to experience every meticulous detail of the piano sound, leaving nothing concealed or blurred. Even for its short duration, this is a mature release that subtly but powerfully explores various depths sentimentality.

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