Wolf Mason – I Can’t Sleep and Idk Why

i cant sleep

I Can’t Sleep and Idk Why is a new EP from Florida-based artist, Wolf Mason. The songs deal with the artist’s struggles to come to terms with facing the real world. Overcoming the temptation to run away from his problems, he chronicles his challenges in a very sincere and self-aware manner. His lyrical delivery is sentimental and refreshingly humble. We’re treated to over 10 full minutes of pure, unadulterated soul searching. The backing music is mellow and at times almost resembles that of an indie alternative rock album (particularly on the last track). I get the sense that creating this EP was a very therapeutic experience for the artist. The lyrics will resonate with a lot of people, as the “coming of age” issues he grapples are very relatable. I Can’t Sleep and Idk Why doesn’t claim to have all the answers, but it makes for an enjoyable late night listen.

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