YB Linkz – YB Linkz Mixtape


YB Linkz Mixtape is a new release from hip hop artist, YB Linkz (formerly known as just “Linkz”). This EP features an ensemble of guest artists, including A.Vinchi, K.Reef, Koko Banx, Swelly OD, Kenni, Heavy Thought and Yun Nostra. This all-star cast combines forces to create a hip hop Voltron of chill. The songs are more melodic than the average hip hop jams out there, as YB Linkz has cultivated his own unique style, one which blends a variety of musical genres with his own fascinating backstory.

YB Linkz was born in Brooklyn to a musician father (reportedly signed to Universal Records) and cultivated an interest in making music from an early age. After a few unlucky breaks in the music industry, he ended up doing a stint in the Marine Corps of all places. To make a long story short, after going through some stuff, getting out of the marines and finally getting a couple of releases and party jams under his belt, he’s come out with this self titled mixtape.

The tracks utilize some very high quality beats, mostly synth driven. Along with the vocal effects and editing, a futuristic, almost “trip hop” atmosphere is created. It’s very smooth and ambient. My Life’s a Party may seem like a common title for a hip hop song, but I can assure you this is unlike most rap music you’ve heard. It has a very deep and hauntingly industrial sound. In a similar vein, Got What You Want blends a smooth, retro synth beat with contemporary charisma and a modern edge. The music flows creatively and contributing performers add a distinctive flavor to each track. All of these people can rap, and YB Linkz’s devotion to his collaborative associates and friends is admirable. They each get their shot at the limelight in these recordings, and the finished product has a more polished and complete sound as a result. For his part, YB Linkz has an assertive delivery and transforms his voice into a melodic musical instrument in its own right. This is a solid mixtape. YB Linkz clearly has passion and is absolutely driven when it comes to making music. Stay tuned for more from this guy.

For more info:

Website: https://yankyboilinkz.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/yankyboilinkz/
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/yankyboilinkz